Cloud Computing

We at Dorsey Enterprises, Inc. also have the capability to host your accounting files, e-mail and other documents and programs in the cloud. Private virtual servers give your business freedom and flexibility. Get anytime, anywhere access to your files, applications, and software for your business. We provide, through our strategic partners, scalable infrastructure with dedicated private servers for your business to use as you choose.

3 Primary Advantages of Cloud Computing

  • Reduced capital expense

Instead of investing heavily in office servers and IT staff, not knowing how you’re going to use them, you pay a monthly fee based on the number of users, applications and storage space that you use and consume.

  • Greater scalability

With Cloud Computing you have the ability to start small. As your needs for more computing power increase due to growth, you have the ability to easily scale your services up or down as your needs dictate.

  • Increased speed and agility

Cloud Computing environments provide new IT resources with a phone call, resulting in increased speed and agility for your business.